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God, Are You Talking To Me?

God, Are You Talking To Me?




God, are you talking to Me?

by Dr. Rod Hoskins

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If you were to ask the majority of professed Christians today to remember and share the last time they heard the voice of God speak into their life, the majority would have no recollection. Most would say they have never heard God’s voice. This is a tragedy for the Church, as it was Jesus that said, “My sheep hear my voice”. Furthermore, Romans eight, fourteen, tells that “all who are being led by the Spirit of God, these are sons of God”.

This raises the question: Is God still talking to His people today, like He did thousands of years ago? If so – how? Moreover, could it be that most Christians do not hear because they have not been taught how to hear?

This book is written for all levels of faith. It is an excellent primer that will enlighten the reader to fresh revelation of the Bible and the understanding of how God continues to communicate with His people today. Discover your answer to the question: God, Are You Talking to Me?




















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